Compelling Reasons to Have Cast Iron Pipes Replaced

Old cast iron pipes replacement Clearwater, FL

Having a timely pipe replacement procedure is a great way to save money and keep your pipes functioning properly. Cast iron pipes are no exception to the rule and should be replaced when necessary. In fact, there is a more pressing need to change your pipes if they happen to be made of cast iron. They are prone to break down due to corrosion, age, and poor installation. Replacing cast iron pipes can seem expensive, but it is worth the money spent in the long run.

As the premier provider of pipe repair in Clearwater, FL, allow us to convince you that replacing your cast iron pipes is in your best interest. Here are four reasons why you should consider doing so:

Pipe Repairs Can Be Frequent and Costly

Sewer pipe repair can be costly and can be a very frequent occurrence if your home is outfitted with cast iron pipes. Replacing cast iron pipes with other alternative materials can save you money in the long run. This is also the better and more cost-efficient option compared with scheduling constant repairs.

These Can Provide Added Property Value

Replacing your cast iron pipes can increase your property value. If you plan on selling your home or renting it out, a pipe replacement project to rid your home of cast iron pipes can be used as a bargaining chip. Prospective buyers will love the idea of new pipes, and tenants will appreciate your efficient plumbing system if you are a landlord.

Cast Iron Pipes Are Susceptible to Corrosion

Cast iron pipes are particularly prone to corrosion. They are also usually connected using a galvanized steel connector. While this method is effective, it also makes them easy prey for corrosion. Connectors rust over time and may cause pipe damage. Corrosion causes water leakage, which is costly and can cause structural problems in your home.

These Assure You of Better Protection For Your Home

The most important reason to replace your cast iron pipes is to protect your home. Repiping your cast iron pipes will eliminate the many dangers–particularly structural issues–in your home. Frozen pipes can easily damage the pipes system, promoting leaks and flooding.

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