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While certainly important, your home's sewer and drain lines aren't normally given much thought. This isn't as likely to be the case, however, if there's suddenly something going on with these pipes demanding professional attention. Make sure to rely on the only certified and licensed NuFlow/NuDrain contractor in the local area when it comes to trenchless pipe lining in South Tampa, FL.

Issues Often Requiring Pipe Lining Repair

Older sewer and drain lines are likely to be affected by thirsty tree or shrub roots in search of moisture. If these roots get into underground pipes, the resulting damage is often correctable with minimally invasive pipe lining. Sewer pipe lining may also be a suitable solution if pipes are affected by any of the following issues:

  • Corrosion reducing pipe strength and durability
  • Leaks around connecting joints
  • Damage related to debris or pipe scale
  • Cracks not affecting overall pipe stability

What Sets This Method Apart

Also referred to as "dig-and-replace," traditional sewer repair is done by fully exposing the damaged pipe. There are times when it makes sense to use this approach to repair, like when the entire line is damaged. However, if the affected sewer line is still stable, trenchless sewer repair is often an option.

Cured-in-place or CIPP pipe lining is an excavation-free way to repair sewer lines. It's a way we restore rather than replace sewer and drain lines, as it offers many appealing perks, which include:

  • Extending the life of your existing sewer lines
  • Keeping your beautifully landscaped surface areas intact
  • Completing the work with less labor and less expense
  • Minimizing downtime since pipe lining is often completed within a day or less
  • Giving you results with the potential to last for 50 years or more with regular maintenance

How We Perform Trenchless Pipe Lining Work

Pipe lining is a restoration process completed by coating a liner with a special type of resin material. While this material is soft when applied against inside pipe surfaces, it hardens or "cures" after being inserted into the pipe with the liner. Once the epoxy resin solidifies, the pipe's interior walls are free of any structural flaws. What you're essentially left with is a "new" pipe inside of the existing one.

At Sewer Studs, we use a specially designed NuFlow pipe lining system to complete the CIPP restoration and repair process. This focus on quality means the results are even more reliable and cost-effective when performed by a plumber in South Tampa, FL, from our team. We're also the company to turn to for related service options that include:

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