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Do you need 5-star water heater repair in Clearwater, FL, that's not going to stretch your budget? Sewer Studs is the family-owned and -operated company to trust for any local water heater-related assistance you may need. We further boost your value by including guarantees with our services, which include repair, replacement, and new installation.

Addressing an Array of Water Heater Needs

The Sewer Studs team services all types of residential water heaters. Whether you rely on a conventional unit with a tank or a tankless water heater to get the hot water you need daily, our technicians service it. We're just as flexible with options when it comes to the brands and models we install. This includes the water heaters we use to replace damaged or aging ones.

Benefits of Professional Repairs

A water heater that's struggling to provide the hot water you need is one that's going to be more of a budget stretch for you. With professional repair, any and all issues affecting your water heater's performance can be identified. Having your water heater professionally checked also means you can get an honest opinion. Additional perks that go along with professional water heater replacement or repair are:

  • Keeping your water heater's warranty valid
  • Preventing the personal and property safety risks that go along with DIY repairs
  • Convenience coupled with added peace of mind
  • Regaining safe and reliable access to hot water

Signs You Should Replace Your Water Heater

The general rule of thumb with replacement is it's time to consider a new water heater installation if repairs are needed more often and they're getting increasingly costly. Other signs suggesting replacement is the better option over repair for your water heater include:

  • Your current water heater is not sized correctly for your needs
  • The tank has ruptured or it's severely corroded
  • You want to discuss going tankless if you have a conventional unit
  • Your current water heater is showing signs of being inefficient – e.g., higher water-related costs and taking longer to produce heated water

Boosting the Life of Your Home's Water Heater

Being diligent about water heater maintenance is what plays an important role in extending the life of your water heater. Our technicians can perform a thorough inspection of your gas, electric, tankless, or conventional water heater so any minor issues can be spotted and dealt with before they turn into emergencies. The service life of your water heater can also be extended if your regular maintenance routine includes:

  • Flushing once a year – applies to both tankless and conventional water heaters
  • Correctly adjusting the settings and temperature
  • Addressing any water quality issues in your home that could affect your water heater
  • Calling us if you have any concerns about how your water heater is working

Count on Sewer Studs

When you rely on a plumber in Clearwater, FL, from our team, you can always expect:

  • Work done under Master Plumber supervision
  • Top-tier quality standards
  • Transparent, honest rates good for your budget
  • Timely arrivals and complete cleanup when done

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