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Are you looking for a trusted family-owned and -operated company that is well-versed in every water filtration system in Clearwater, FL? Look no further than Sewer Studs, as we are committed to providing the solutions that are good for your water, peace of mind, health, and plumbing. We offer water filtration and treatment solutions that eliminate the need to rely on bottled water – and come with other equally appealing perks you'll also appreciate.

The Different Systems to Consider

With water softener installation or a filtration system, there are several options ideal for home use. These can be broken down into the types of filters used and the actual setup of the system. The most popular choices today include:

  • Sediment filtration

    These filters remove rust, sand, and an assortment of heavy metals from water along with larger particles.

  • Activated carbon block

    A binding agent is used with these filters to remove volatile organic compounds (VOCs), chlorine, and other things that can affect water quality and taste.

  • Reverse osmosis

    Molecules in water are forced through a semipermeable membrane with systems using RO filters. With an RO filter, most of the contaminants in water coming into your home are removed.

  • Ion exchange

    As the name suggests, ion exchange filters swap ions in a way that effectively minimizes issues with excess fluoride, nitrate, and other unwanted impurities.

  • Whole-Home Systems

    If you prefer worry-free water use throughout your entire home, a whole-home filtration system is a smart investment. We install customized systems that address many purification needs.

  • Standalone Systems

    These are single-faucet systems that are placed either on top of your counter or below it. Standalone units are worth considering if you prefer added filtration in often-used areas like your kitchen.

Benefits of Having the Right System in Your Home

Our array of water purification services offers many benefits, one of which is finding the right system for your home. A system that's correctly installed and capable of removing the impurities affecting your home's water the most is one that's going to offer the most value – and peace of mind. A filtration system should also benefit you in the following ways:

  • Fewer digestive issues related to poor water quality
  • Being able to keep your clothes and dishes clean with less effort
  • Extending the life of your plumbing system and fixtures
  • Making it easier to cook without flavor or taste issues caused by the water

Signs Your Current System Needs Replacement

Our water conditioning services include system replacement. While top-quality filtration and purification units can last for many years with regular maintenance, there are times when replacement is the better option. Watch out for the following red flags:

  • Your water quality has gone down
  • Changing the filter doesn't improve water quality or system performance
  • You have additional filtration needs your current system isn't meeting
  • You're seeing rust or corrosion on your faucet or around the system itself

Why Sewer Studs?

When you work with a plumber in Clearwater, FL, from our team, you can expect:

  • Costs discussed upfront
  • Consistent 5-star client ratings and reviews
  • High-quality standards in everything we do
  • Honest, sensible solutions good for your home and budget

Experience the Difference We Can Provide

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