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Before assuming excavation is your only option, talk to one of the Sewer Studs team members about trenchless pipe lining in Tampa, FL. It's a dig-free solution that achieves the intended goal without significant disruption to your landscape, foundation, or other surface areas. We're licensed and certified to use top-quality NuFlow pipe lining systems and materials to breathe new life into your drain and sewer lines.

Issues Requiring Pipe Lining Repair

There was a time when the only viable and practical solution for fixing pipes, regardless of the extent of the damage, was to dig and make the necessary repairs. Today, however, make of the issues once only correctable with excavation can be addressed with pipe lining repair. In addition to damage from intrusive underground roots, sewer pipe lining is often an effective solution for pipe-related issues that include:

  • Leaks from cracks and similar structural damage
  • Corrosion-related wear that weakens pipes
  • Damage that has resulted in small missing pipe sections if conditions are right
  • Weakness around sewer or drain line joints or connections

Advantages of Pipe Lining vs. Traditional Sewer Repair

We're one of the leading pipe lining companies in the area because of our focus on trenchless solutions that make a big difference for our clients. In fact, we're the only licensed and certified NuFlow/NuDrain contractor serving the Tampa area, which further assures you that we use minimally invasive techniques that offer quality and value. Dig-free repair and restoration is also our specialization because of the many advantages pipe lining has over traditional sewer repair. These include:

  • No costly post-repair cleanup work
  • Keeping your landscape intact
  • Doing the work without any heavy equipment on your property
  • Eliminating the need to worry about disposing of the old, damaged pipe
  • Completing the work in much less time with less labor
  • Giving you results that often last just as long as what's possible with a new pipe

How Trenchless Pipe Lining Works

Cured-in-place or CIPP pipe lining is often referred to as pipe-within-a-pipe repair. The reason is because the existing pipe is spared and revived with a newly applied coating. We do this with a patented NuFlow lining system that's used to apply an epoxy resin material to interior pipe surfaces.

Pipe lining starts with an inspection of the affected pipe. This gives our technicians a better idea of whether or not trenchless sewer repair can be used. If the line is still stable, it's often possible to proceed. The pipe is cleaned and the resin-saturated liner is inserted into the damaged or existing pipe. The coating "cures" or solidifies inside the existing pipe. It forms a solid, flaw-free surface that covers any structural flaws and adds strength and durability to the pipe.

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