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If the pipes that make up your residential sewer or drain system require immediate and professional attention, you'll appreciate working with the Sewer Studs team. Locals trust us because of the convenient, minimally disruptive solutions we offer. One of these is trenchless pipe lining in St. Petersburg, FL, a dig-free way to affordably repair and restore your home's sewer and drain lines.

Issues We Address with Pipe Lining Repair

The technology behind cured-in-place or CIPP pipe lining, has improved significantly over the years. It's also an even more accessible, versatile, and affordable process today. What's more, practically any type of damage that can affect your sewer or drain lines is often correctable with pipe lining. As long as the affected line is stable enough to accept a liner, it's often possible to restore sewer or drain lines impacted by:

  • Underground root damage
  • Corrosion – especially common in older cast iron sewer pipes
  • Wear and tear from years of use and age
  • Movements in the ground
  • Accumulated debris and scale that contributes to cracks

Pipe Lining vs. Traditional Repair

Traditional repair of sewer/drain lines is sometimes necessary and beneficial given the circumstances involved. This being said, if there's a choice between excavation and sewer pipe lining, many property owners in the areas we serve have an understandable preference for trenchless solutions.

One of the top reasons pipe lining is popular among homeowners today is because digging is avoided with this minimally invasive approach. This means there are no added landscape restoration expenses to worry about when the work is finished. Instead, the bulk of the work is done by our plumber in St. Petersburg, FL, through existing access points. You also won't have to worry about having the old or damaged pipe brought to the surface. The additional perks you can look forward to are:

  • It's environmentally friendly since we're not disturbing above-ground areas
  • The freshly coated pipe has the potential to last for another 50 years or more
  • It's often possible to get the work done fairly quickly
  • Restoring existing sewer and drain lines means fewer issues with backups and clogs

How Trenchless Pipe Lining Works

Often completed in a day or less, our approach to trenchless sewer repair involves the use of a patented NuFlow pipe lining system. After the affected sewer or drain is inspected by our team, a resin-coated liner is inserted into the freshly cleaned pipe. The resin material is applied so it comes in direct contact with the pipe's interior surfaces. This allows it to form a solid, smooth, and completely flaw-free "new pipe" inside of the old one.

Other services we may recommend in conjunction with pipe lining are:

Entrust the Work to Sewer Studs

We're a cut above the rest among pipe lining companies serving the St. Petersburg area partly for the following reasons:

  • 5-star, customer-focused service
  • No hourly rate hassles – our fees are honestly disclosed upfront
  • We're the only certified and licensed NuFlow/NuDrain provider in the area
  • Our standards are exceptionally high
  • Our commitment to customer satisfaction is second-to-none

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