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How would you like to keep your pipes and landscape in place while still getting your sewer, drain, or water line fixed? This is exactly what happens with trenchless pipe lining in Temple Terrace, FL, courtesy of Sewer Studs. We bring you access to NuFlow/NuDrain technology that makes us a leading pipe lining company in the local area. The patented products we use mean you'll get reliable results from a zero-dig method we use to preserve and restore pipes.

Issues Calling for Pipe Lining Repair

CIPP pipe lining solves many of the problems that can affect residential pipes at one time or another. With sewer and drain lines, one of the more common ones is damage related to tree or shrub roots, which often get into pipes through small cracks or weak points. Some of the other issues we're often able to address with pipe lining repair are:

  • Corrosion-related weakness, fractures, or cracks
  • Structural damage from age and several decades of use
  • Pipes leaking for any reason as long as there's still stability
  • Low water pressure for water-carrying lines
  • Damage from movement in the ground

Pipe Lining vs. Traditional Sewer Repair

It's increasingly common for property owners to prefer trenchless sewer repair or drain line restoration. While there are instances when a traditional repair is recommended and more beneficial, dig-free solutions are often preferred if there's a choice between the two methods. The most compelling reason is eliminating the need to use heavy machinery to access and remove the pipe. Instead, the pipe stays in place and the work is done in a much more limited and cost-effective way.

The other benefits of sewer pipe lining are:

  • Less time to make repairs
  • No need to bring the pipe to the surface and discard it
  • Long-lasting results
  • Less labor, which further adds to the savings

Understanding How Trenchless Pipe Lining Works

We take a look inside the pipe first to determine if conditions are suitable for CIPP pipe lining. This is done quickly and thoroughly using a specially designed video camera. As long as the pipe that's affected can still accept a resin-filled liner, it's often possible to proceed with the repair process. The affected pipe is cleaned before the liner filled with the resin material is inserted. This step is taken to improve the ability of the epoxy resin to adhere to inside surfaces. After the material in the liner forms a solid surface, what remains is a practically new pipe inside of the one that was damaged. You'll then have a fully restored pipe that once again functions as expected.

Some of the other solutions a plumber in Temple Terrace, FL, may utilize for pipe-related problems are:

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