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Find out what's happening with your sewer or drain lines by contacting us to schedule a sewer camera inspection in Tampa, FL, or the surrounding areas. At Sewer Studs, our technicians use specially designed, waterproof cameras to evaluate hidden areas of your sewer system and identify any possible problems or concerns. When searching for “sewer camera inspection companies near me”, trust only the company that has the highest standards of service in mind.

A pipe camera inspection serves many purposes

And the results are immediately and clearly provided. We invite you to reach out to our team to perform a thorough diagnosis of your

Is a Video Inspection of Your Sewer Lines Necessary?

A video-based plumbing inspection of your sewer lines is often necessary if you already see signs of sewer-related issues. When you search “sewer camera inspection services near me” and go through with the procedure, you get a quick and easy way to get to the heart of the problem without doing exploratory excavation. Even if you're not yet seeing any sewer issues, a camera inspection can at least be worth considering for the following purposes:

  • Routine sewer line maintenance
  • Getting a detailed assessment of your sewer lines if you're preparing to sell your home
  • Finding out what's going on with sewer pipes in a home you're getting ready to buy
  • Discovering root issues early if you have older sewer lines near mature trees

What Can a Sewer Video Inspection Show You?

A sewer or drain inspection shows you everything that's going on inside your sewer lines. The small camera can even be safely guided along curves and turns in the pipes. Be it a residential or commercial sewer camera inspection, the process makes it easier to identify areas where water shouldn't be gathering or structural issues that would otherwise be hard to spot.

A sewer video inspection is also an effective way to identify issues involving:

  • Tree or shrub roots
  • Pipe misalignment
  • Sewer line "bellying" or sagging
  • Partial or full sewer line collapses
  • Gunk and other debris further down inside sewer lines

How Do You Benefit from the Results?

Sewer camera inspections allow a plumber in Tampa, FL to perform repairs in a less disruptive way. Since the results of a storm sewer camera inspection show the exact area that's affected, the work area can be limited as much as possible. You'll also benefit from having an accurate record of the condition of your sewer system if inspections are done for maintenance. What's more, you'll be able to see the results for yourself as we explain what was found and discuss possible follow-up actions to consider.

Reasons for Choosing Sewer Studs

  • 5-star service
  • No hourly hassles – rates are fully disclosed prior to doing any work
  • Quality work, products, and solutions
  • Timely local assistance when it's needed most

Sewer Camera Inspection FAQs

It depends on how many sewer lines need to be inspected. However, a standard CCTV sewer camera inspection can usually be completed within 1-2 hours or less. Then, we can determine if pipe repair may be necessary.

Contact Us For An In-Depth Inspection

Sewer Studs is ready to determine the issue that is affecting your sewer line and verify if additional steps like trenchless pipe lining are needed. Call us or fill out the form to schedule a sewer camera inspection appointment!


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