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Water heaters sometimes require fast, expert attention so you can stress less and get back to your day. If you need dependable water heater repair in South Tampa, FL, we're the local and highly recommended team to call. Our family-owned and -operated company routinely provides 5-star residential water heater services, which come with a guarantee for your added peace of mind.

Types of Water Heaters We Service

If you have any type of water heater in your home, whether it's a tankless water heater or a conventional one, we service it. Our courteous, highly experienced technicians are familiar with all common types of gas and electric residential water heaters. We also come to each service call in trucks that are always well-stocked. Being prepared for client needs allows problems to be quickly and correctly diagnosed and taken care of ASAP. Our technicians work on and service all water heater brands.

Top Benefits of Professional Repairs

Water heater repairs are best done professionally. One reason is because of the potential risks that go along with doing repair work yourself, such as unintentional water damage. Professional water heater replacement or repair also maintains any warranties that may still be in effect, which adds to your savings. Since our technicians take the time to determine the full extent of the problem, you also benefit from a water heater that's properly and fully repaired.

When to Replace Your Water Heater

A new water heater installation is worth considering if the water heater you have now is already near the end of its expected lifespan. With a conventional water heater, this is about 10-15 years. For tankless units, it's somewhere around 20 years. Replacement can also be a smart investment and one that saves you money when:

  • Your water heater needs repairs more often
  • The tank is leaking due to age and corrosion
  • Your current model is not correctly sized for your home
  • You wish to consider an upgrade to a tankless unit

Getting More Life Out of Your Water Heater

A cost-effective way to extend the life of your home's water heater is by contacting us about regular water heater maintenance. If you have a conventional-style unit with a tank, we typically check the anode rod during professional service appointments. If it's showing signs of being almost completely worn away, it can often be replaced to add more life to your water heater. You'll also get more life, use, and long-term savings out of your water heater by taking the following steps:

  • Flushing it at least once a year
  • Testing the pressure relief valve
  • Considering water filtration if you have hard water
  • Adjusting the settings so your water heater is working as efficiently as possible

Reasons to Work With Sewer Studs

  • Our team is supervised by a licensed Master Plumber
  • We maintain the highest quality standards
  • Our costs are stated upfront before any services are provided
  • We specialize in client-centered service from start to finish

Contact Our Water Heater Experts

Let a plumber in South Tampa, FL, from Sewer Studs address any issues affecting your water heater. Rest assured that we offer cost-effective solutions in a timely manner. Call us or fill out the form to schedule an appointment.


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