Is it Time to Repipe Your Home?

old damaged pipe lines

At first glance, repiping a home may seem like a luxury that few can afford. However, this is actually a necessity for any home that needs to be brought up to code and meet the standards of safety today. Pipes in homes are constantly expanding and contracting with changes in heat or cold and regular usage. Over time they become worn out, crack and leak. In most cases, replacing your old plumbing system is the most cost-effective solution.

For quality pipe repair services in Clearwater, FL, you can count on Sewer Studs. Here, we discuss some signs you should repipe your home.

High Water Usage

If your water bill has skyrocketed, you may want to check your pipes for leaks. According to the EPA, a house with a leaky pipe can lose up to 10,000 gallons per year. While there are other causes of high-water usage in a house, plumbing leaks are among the most common. It would be best to contact a plumber for an inspection and a subsequent sewer pipe repair if need be.

Leaky Faucets and Showers

There are many reasons for a leaky faucet. The most obvious is a worn-out washer, but the most common reason is a bad or corroded stem or faucet body. If you have old piping (20+ years), it may have galvanic corrosion where the copper piping has corroded away while the iron faucets have rusted away. You may have problems with low water pressure or have noticed that your faucet starts to drip when you don’t expect it. Moreover, you might realize that the water level in your toilet tank is dropping. These are all indications that you may need pipe replacement.

Unexpected Repair Costs

If you have had multiple repairs in recent years, it may be a sign that you need pipe restoration. There are many reasons why pipes start to corrode or break down, but the most common reasons are because they’re old or because of the environment where they are located. Corrosion in pipe lines can lead to more expensive repairs because it spreads over time. With new pipes, you don’t have to worry about corrosion and sudden, unexpected repairs.

If you’re looking to have a repiping job for your home, it’s best to work with experts to ensure minimal damage to your property and take the shortest time possible. Moreover, when installation is done by a professional, your system will have a longer lifespan. As a family-owned establishment, we at Sewer Studs understand your need to get value for money. Contact us today to schedule a service appointment!

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