Knowing When it’s Time to Replace Your Sewer Pipes

It’s not uncommon for sewer pipes to break down and leak once in a while. But how can you tell if yet another repair procedure simply won’t suffice anymore? In this post, Sewer Studs, the leading company for sewer repair in Tampa, FL, will cover some of the ways you might be able to tell if it’s time to let repairs fall by the wayside and opt instead for a full replacement procedure.

Your Sewer Pipes are Old

If you notice any discoloration in your water or any smell, this could be a sign that your sewer pipes have reached the end of their service life. If you’ve noticed these smells and discoloration, it would be a good idea to replace sewer line sections that are no longer capable of performing their function.

Consistent Blockage

Occasional blockages shouldn’t raise red flags. After all, they are a common plumbing problem that’s easy to handle. If you’re dealing with a consistent blockage in your plumbing system, it’s indicative of a problematic sewer line that may be nearing the end of its service life. If repairs become too often, it’s time that you start looking into complete sewer line replacement.

Your Sewer Pipes are Leaking

Water leaking into your basement or near the foundation of your home is yet another sign of compromised sewer pipes. It would be a good idea for you to start looking into this problem further as soon as possible and request a sewer pipe line repair. Many people don’t realize how bad leaking pipes can be, but the fact is that they can lead to mold and other kinds of damage to your home. Furthermore, if your sewer pipe leaks in one spot and then gradually spreads over time, this can eventually lead to all the pipes in your home being compromised.

Unusually High Water Bills

Make it a point to request prompt sewer repair services if you notice unusual spikes in your water bill. Damaged sewer pipes are known to cause water bills to rise dramatically. It would be an unnecessary expense if you had to pay for water that was wasted because of damaged sewer lines.

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