The Features You Need to Look For When Shopping For a New Water Heater

plumber installing a water heater

When purchasing a new water heater, it’s important to take extra care and consider your options so you can make the right choice. Plumbing companies such as Sewer Studs recommend selecting a water heater that meets all your family’s needs without compromising efficiency.

From the leading name in water heater repair in Tampa, FL, here are the essential factors to consider when shopping for a new water heater.

Quality of the Tank and Heating Element

If your home uses hard water, you should consider the material and heating elements the heater is made of. Hard water causes corrosion on some materials. Make it a point to choose a corrosion-resistant model for your water heater replacement if you want it to last.

Space Constraints

Always remember that tanked water heaters tend to take up more space. Unless you have ample space in your home, it’s preferable to install a tankless water heater. You will also want to take into account how many people there are in the house and if the model you are eyeing can meet the hot water needs of your household.

Energy Efficiency

Some water heaters are more energy-efficient than others. Thus, you should compare and purchase a more efficient one. Check the EF rating written on the unit to determine how much you will pay for the operating costs. Also, check whether it has an energy-star symbol. The symbol shows that it will provide reliable and high-quality performance.


Before purchasing the heater, it’s essential to check all the costs involved. Estimating the water heater installation costs and operational charges is a good idea. Also, consider the cost of acquiring the heater to ensure it doesn’t break the bank.

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