The Key Advantages of CIPP Lining

Damaged pipe being lined

Cured-in-place pipe lining is one of the most preferred pipe rehabilitation methods in the industry today. It has become a highly preferred method of trenchless pipe lining in Tampa, FL among Sewer Studs clients for repairing and restoring corroded, cracked, and leaking pipes.

Here are the main benefits homeowners get from using CIPP lining.


This is one of the main things that has made many clients move towards trenchless sewer repair. Since it involves lining the existing pipe with a new epoxy lining, homeowners don’t have to buy new pipes. It also requires fewer workers and equipment than traditional methods. Finally, homeowners don’t have to repair their yards after the process because it is minimally invasive.

Increased Pipe Lifespan

Sewer pipe lining involves adding a strong and durable layer that is resistant to corrosion and rotting. It helps cover existing problems like leaks, cracks, and severe corrosion while increasing the pipe’s strength, protecting it from collapse. The lining’s strong nature also makes it harder for tree roots to grow through the pipes.

Quick Installation

One of the main inconveniences homeowners must deal with when undergoing sewer repair is going a few days without using facilities like toilets or moving out until the process is done. However, CIPP pipe lining is different because the process can take place within a few hours.


With CIPP lining, pipe lining companies can repair small sections of the pipes without disturbing the intact ones. When we get to the client’s home, we start our repair process with a sewer camera inspection to help us locate the issue. This way, we only line the damaged area.


Another main advantage of CIPP lining is that we can use it on different pipe materials for different issues. We use it to repair deterioration from age, cracking, fracturing, root intrusion, and corrosion.

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