The Step-by-Step Process of CIPP Lining

Before Pipe Restoration

CIPP (cured-in-place pipe) lining is an innovative technique used by plumbing professionals to repair damaged pipes without needing messy and expensive excavation. But how does it work? Our team of certified technicians at Sewer Studs explains the steps involved in CIPP pipe lining.

Pipe Inspection

Using video cameras and other diagnostic tools, the plumber will inspect the inside of the pipes to determine their condition and pinpoint the exact location of obstructions and damage. This helps decide if trenchless pipe lining in South Tampa, FL is the best option for repair.

Pipe Cleaning

The next step is to thoroughly clean the interior of the pipes, removing scale, corrosion, and other debris that could prevent the liner from adhering properly. Pipe lining companies will usually do this with high-pressure water jets.


Once the pipe is cleaned, the CIPP liner is then carefully inserted into the host pipe. This liner is made from felt or other material coated with a special resin, which will form a new seamless pipe within the old one when cured.


After installation, the liner must be cured to set and harden. This part of sewer pipe lining is usually done with steam or hot water, but other curing methods can also be used. The curing time varies depending on the type of resin and temperature used but will typically take only a few hours.

Pressure Testing

After curing, the plumber will pressure-test the liner to ensure it is watertight and free of leaks. This step ensures that the trenchless sewer repair has been successful and that the pipes are safe to use again.

If you’re considering CIPP for your plumbing needs, it’s crucial to choose a qualified and experienced contractor like Sewer Studs who can follow the steps outlined above correctly. Doing so will ensure you get the most out of this innovative trenchless sewer repair solution. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.

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