These Are The Things That Can Clog Up Your Drains

Clogged kitchen drain Tampa, FL

Clogged drains are a common problem that can cause a lot of frustration and hassle. Knowing the common culprits and how to prevent them can help you avoid clogs in the future. When your drains are clogged, seeking help from experts such as Sewer Studs is essential.

Here are some common things that can clog your drains and require you to call for drain cleaning in Tampa, FL.


This is the number one thing that can cause clogs in your drains. Hair can get tangled up in your drains and cause blockages if left unattended over time. It’s best to remove any hair from your drains as soon as possible. When a plunger won’t suffice, call for drain cleaning services ASAP.

Soap Scum

Soap scum can also cause blockages in your drains. This is caused by soap or cleaning agents running down the sink into your drains. If you notice that your drains are slow, it’s best to have a drain cleaning company do it for you.

Food Particles

When you have leftover food in your drains, this can cause a blockage. It’s best to use your garbage disposal more often to avoid the food going down your drain. Debris and especially grease can cause a lot of blockage in your drains over time.

Many things can cause clogs in your drains. For free-flowing drains all year round, contact the experts at Sewer Studs today!

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