Top Clog-Causing Habits You Need to Stop

plumber unclogging blocked toilet

Drain clogs, though troublesome to deal with, are not entirely unsolvable. In most cases, you can prevent them from developing just by taking extra care with your plumbing maintenance routines. At Sewer Studs, we get numerous calls for drain cleaning in Tampa, FL, and the nearby areas. We’ve helped plenty of homeowners clear away clogs as well as prevent them from developing again.

Below are the most common clog-causing habits that you need to stop so you can keep your drains flowing freely.

Toilet Misuse

A considerable percentage of clogging incidents happen due to misuse of the toilet. Throwing items like female sanitary products, dirty water, and trash will block the toilet drain and sewer line. These items do not dissolve in water and therefore obstruct the pipes. If the clog builds up over time, you will require professional drain cleaning services to unblock the line.

Allowing Hair and Bar Soap Down the Drain

When pieces of soap and hair strands go down your bathtub or shower drain, they will cause a clog over time. However, this takes time to build up, thus causing many people to assume that they don’t have a clogged drain. When the soap and hair combine with other items in the drains, they form a nasty obstruction that slowly closes the space for water passage.

Throwing Waste Food in the Sink

You should not dump waste food in the sink, even with a functional garbage disposal unit. The large food pieces make it harder for the unit to work, and some food particles may flow into the drains. When these combine with soap, hair, grease, and other dirt, you will soon need to call for hydro jetting services for your drains and sewer line.

Our drain cleaning company, Sewer Studs, guarantees effective unclogging of your drain and sewer line. We use modern techniques to clear the pipe and restore optimal drainage. With our regular line maintenance appointments and proper use of your plumbing, you will enjoy an extended pipe lifespan and fast wastewater flow. Contact us today to schedule an appointment!

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