Unlikely Things That Can Get Stuck in Sewer Lines

Clogged sewer line

Did you know that even small objects like hair can cause clogged drains? But beyond the usual culprits, you’d be surprised at the unlikeliest of items we’ve dislodged when providing sewer repair in Tampa, FL. Here are some examples of unlikely items that can cause blockages in sewer pipes.

Construction Debris

During construction or renovation work, debris like cement, rocks, and construction materials can accidentally end up in sewer lines if proper precautions are not taken. These materials obstruct the flow of wastewater and can even damage the sewage system, warranting homeowners to schedule a sewer pipe line repair.


While rare, small animals like rats or birds can find their way into sewer lines through holes or damaged pipes. Once these animals get inside the pipes, they can get stuck and cause obstructions, which calls for professional sewer repair services.

Clothing Pieces

While it may seem unlikely, some individuals mistakenly believe that flushing small pieces of clothes is a convenient disposal method. However, clothes are not designed to disintegrate like toilet paper, leading to pipe blockages and potential damage to the sewage system.


People sometimes accidentally drop valuable items like wedding rings or jewelry down the drain while washing their hands or cleaning toilets. These jewelry pieces can get stuck in the sewer line along with other pieces of debris if not retrieved in time.

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