What’s In Hard Water And Where Does It Come From?

Water filter system or osmosis Clearwater, FL

A water filtration system in Clearwater, FL is the best holistic solution for hard water. It contains high levels of dissolved minerals. They have a direct effect on the quality of your water, appliances, fixtures, and plumbing.

Where Does Hard Water Come From?

Hard water contains many microelements, primarily calcium and magnesium ions. They are well known for causing various problems in plumbing systems and household appliances. They also affect water quality.

Hard water originates from underground water sources, depending on your location. Water from wells and aquifers percolates through layers of rock and soil. Along the way, it picks up minerals, particularly calcium carbonate and magnesium carbonate, from surrounding geological formations. As a result, the concentration of these minerals increases, leading to the formation of hard water.

Despite being safe to drink, hard water can cause several issues in households. The presence of dissolved minerals can result in scale buildup inside pipes, faucets, and appliances such as water heaters and dishwashers. This scale accumulation restricts water flow, reduces appliance efficiency, and soon leads to premature failure.

Dealing With Hard Water Sources

To combat the effects of hard water, homeowners often turn to water conditioning services. It involves the installation of water softeners or other treatment systems. You can choose focused or whole water system filtration systems.

A water softener installation exchanges calcium and magnesium ions with sodium ions through ion exchange. This reduces the hardness of the water, preventing scale buildup and improving water quality.

Other water treatment services are reverse osmosis and distillation. They also remove minerals and impurities from water, for cleaner and healthier drinking water. These advanced purification methods are particularly effective at removing contaminants. It produces high-quality water suitable for consumption.

Homeowners should invest in water purification services. It improves water taste and odor, reduces scale buildup, and extends appliance lifespan. It also reduces costs with maintenance, repair, and bottled water needs. Treated water is gentler on skin and hair, making it ideal for bathing and washing clothes.

Don’t let hard water affect your plumbing and appliances, and your home’s water quality. Call Sewer Studs today to discuss the best water filtration options you need.

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