Which Pipe Restoration Method is Ideal?

Damaged pipe lines repair Tampa, FL

Well-kept pipe lines are an essential part of maintenance for any commercial or residential property. That’s why it’s important to understand the different issues that can cause them to fail as well as the various methods used to repair them. Allow Sewer Studs to shed light on these things.

Here are some of the more common methods of pipe repair in Tampa, FL.

Epoxy Restoration

Pipe epoxy is among the most reliable methods for repairing a damaged pipe. It involves the repair of a damaged pipe using epoxy resin. The epoxy resin forms a strong bond between the pipe and the pipe liner, stopping any leaks that would otherwise occur. It is also more cost-effective as compared to full repiping. It’s among the most affordable methods and also one of the fastest. However, it requires a professional plumber. The process usually takes a few hours.

Pipe Bursting

Pipe bursting is another popular method for fixing damaged pipes–especially if a full pipe replacement procedure is not an option. This restoration method uses a hydraulic machine to break up the damaged pipe and replace it with a new one. A bursting head is inserted into the old pipe and pushed with hydraulic pressure to fit the new pipe into place, creating an exact fit. Pipe bursting is among the most effective restoration methods, as it allows quick repair without removing any existing pipes or plumbing.

Pipe Lining

Trenchless pipe lining is one of the most popular and effective pipe restorationmethods. It involves the use of a liner that is inserted into the pipe. It is then inflated and cured to stick to the pipe’s interior. Once done, it then becomes a new pipe within the old one.

A failed pipe can cause significant damage to the structure of a house or building. It’s important to hire an experienced plumbing contractor who will use the correct restoration method for your sewer pipe repair project. Reach out to our team at Sewer Studs today to schedule an appointment!

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