Why CIPP Lining is the Better Choice

Damaged pipe being lined

CIPP lining, or Cured-in-Place-Pipe lining, is one of the most effective methods of trenchless pipe rehabilitation. The fact that it involves minimal digging makes it a popular choice among property owners and service providers alike.

In our many years of providing quality trenchless pipe lining in Tampa, FL, Sewer Studs has rendered this service to many satisfied customers. Here, we will take a look at the many reasons that make CIPP lining the better choice.

Strength and Stability

After repairs, a CIPP lining provides the best protection against pipe failure. It is built into the pipe and is not exposed to outside elements like concrete sealants, which begin failing after a short period. Thus, making it a viable choice for trenchless sewer repair as it will last many years with minimal maintenance costs.


One of the most notable benefits of CIPP lining is that it works well against tree root intrusion. This is mainly due to the strength and durability of epoxy. Because of its sheer thickness, roots in search of water mineral sources will have a hard time breaking through this sewer pipe lining.


CIPP pipe lining is flexible and adaptable to pipe conditions with minimal disruption of activity around the structure. It can be applied to pipes of various shapes and diameters and is not subject to temperature limitations.

Easy Maintenance & Repair

Another benefit of CIPP pipe lining is that it also makes future pipe issues easy to repair, which prevents many years of costly maintenance. If a hole develops in a concrete pipe and is left unmanaged, it will continue to grow until it becomes a significant problem. However, if a small hole in a CIPP liner developed over time, it could easily be repaired by putting more material through the existing access point at the end of the tube.

When it comes to pipe repair and maintenance, no other company in the Tampa Bay area provides quality and affordability quite like Sewer Studs. We offer sewer and trenchless pipe repair services that offer 24-hour emergency call-outs for leaks inside your home or business. We also provide a free onsite estimate for all new business customers. Reach out to us today to schedule an appointment!

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