Why It’s Better to Get Sewer Line Replacement for Old Cast Iron Sewer Pipes

Old cast iron pipes

Up until the 1970s, cast iron pipes were the bread and butter of the industry. In today’s world, PVC is king. A majority of homes still contain cast iron, much to the detriment of the homeowner. Older cast iron pipes can cause a plethora of issues within a sewage system.

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Why Switch From Cast Iron?

Though cast iron is not dangerous in and of itself, the material can deteriorate with time, leading to cracks in the pipe that make sewer pipe line repair difficult to impossible. Cast iron also tends to rust, which can cause pipes to corrode and begin leaking. These factors can also lead to the depreciation of the integrity of the pipes, creating a potential for water damage to the home.

How Cast Iron Pipe Replacement is Done

To replace sewer line pipes made of cast iron may seem like a tedious process, but Sewer Studs will handle all the dirty work. The first step typically involves a thorough inspection and assessment of the existing cast iron pipes to identify areas of corrosion, leaks, or damage. Once the assessment is complete, the next phase involves preparing the site, which may include removing fixtures and clearing the surrounding area. The actual replacement can be done through various methods, such as trenchless techniques or traditional open-cut methods, depending on the specific conditions and requirements.

The Benefits of Replacing Cast Iron Pipes

Our sewer line replacement services come with additional perks. With a new sewage system, there will be little to no concerns for high water bills, low water pressure, or misaligned pipes (which happens frequently with cast iron pipe lining). Additionally, an improved system has the potential to raise the value of a home.

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