A Close Look at the Top Pipe Restoration Methods

Damaged pipe being repaired

Every homeowner will have to deal with some form of plumbing issue at one point. When it does happen, it pays to have a little bit of knowledge about various methods by which damaged pipes are restored. More than providing services for pipe repair in Tampa, FL, the Sewer Studs team also makes it a point to educate our clients about their plumbing problems and the methods by which they can be solved.

Let’s take a closer look at some of the most popular methods for restoring pipes.

Slip Lining

Slip lining is a pipe rehabilitation method that involves inserting a new pipe inside an existing deteriorated one without having to excavate it. A resin-impregnated felt tube is inserted into the existing pipe before it is cured with ultraviolet light or steam.

CIPP Lining

CIPP lining is a trenchless method of restoring pipes that uses a resin-saturated liner to form a new pipe inside the host pipe for pipe restoration. A felt sleeve is inserted into the existing pipe, then expanded with heated water or steam until it bonds to the inner walls of the pipe.

Spot Repair

Spot repair involves using various patching materials such as epoxy resins, reinforced fiberglass meshes, or elastomeric membranes to fix damage caused by corrosion in isolated areas. This technique can be used in sewer pipe repair that involves small holes, cracks, and other localized damage.

Structural Lining

Structural lining is another cost-effective technique that involves using two layers of flexible material to line the interior of a damaged pipe instead of repiping the entire system. This method can be used to restore pipes with severe corrosion or structural damage.

Sprayed-On Coating

Sprayed-on coating uses a high-pressure sprayer to apply a protective layer over an existing pipe without a pipe replacement. This helps protect against corrosion, ultraviolet light, abrasion, and chemical attack.

The restoration of pipes is a cost-effective alternative to full replacement procedures. When done by a skilled professional, it can effectively extend the life of existing pipes significantly. If you need assistance with restoring your pipes, contact us today at Sewer Studs for professional advice and service.

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