The Warning Signs of a Collapsed Sewer Pipe

Collapsed sewer line

A collapsed sewer pipe is a serious problem. While it may take months or even years to realize something is wrong, there are various warning signs that cause us to know it quickly. As the go-to company for pipe repair in Tampa, FL, we have years of experience diagnosing and repairing damaged sewer lines.

Below is a quick look at the various warning signs that can tell you if you have a collapsed sewer pipe.

High Water Bill

The most obvious sign of a collapsed sewer pipe is your water bill. If you find that your account is skyrocketing and there is no other obvious reason, this means that your waste line most likely has a fracture and you need to call us immediately for a pipe replacement or repair procedure.

Sunken Foundation or Sagging Floors

When you notice that your home foundation begins to sink, it’s usually a sign of a cracked sewer line underneath your home. This happens because the broken line can no longer transport waste out of your home, and your foundation becomes saturated with water from the toilet and kitchen sinks. In such cases, you shouldn’t delay pipe restoration procedures.

Water Backups to the Restroom

When your home’s sewer line is no longer properly connected to the municipal sewer system, it will fill up with waste from within your home. While this is a common problem in older homes, it could sneak up and wreak havoc on your home at any time. With a prompt sewer pipe repair procedure, you can negate this problem.

Sewage Spills in Yard/ Driveway

A collapsed sewer pipe can potentially fill your yard, driveway, and home with sewage. When this happens, you’ll notice that areas in your yard or driveway are soaked, or that water seems to be bubbling up from within the ground, particularly during humid weather.

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