Your Handy Guide to What Happens During a Home Repiping Project

Damaged pipe being replaced Bradenton, FL

Sewer Studs is the area’s go-to plumbing company for plumbing installation, repair, replacement, and maintenance services. While we can often solve our client’s issues through pipe repair in Brandon, FL, there are circumstances when we advise them to repipe the whole home.

Some issues that call for a repiping procedure include frequent leaks, discolored or rusty water, and water pressure issues. Since it is a big job that requires a lot of time and effort, we make sure to give our clients a breakdown to ensure they understand what to expect.


Whether it’s a pipe restoration or a whole home repiping project, the first thing we do to determine the best for our client is to arrange a consultation. Our client takes us through their issues and the signs they notice around the home. We also ask about the age and type of pipes used before offering our expert opinion and determining the best course of action moving forward.

Inspection and Estimates

We then provide a thorough inspection of the client’s house for a more accurate diagnosis of the issues afflicting pipes. The results tell us whether a sewer pipe repair will suffice or if we need to repipe. When giving an estimate, we consider whether we are working on the cold and hot water pipes, how easy it is to reach them, and whether we are replacing fixtures and the water heater.


The process requires removing all the old pipes first, making it rather messy and time-consuming. Therefore, homeowners can go some days without water and access to essential parts of the home. This is why we advise them to look for an alternative water source or consider a temporary move while the repiping project is underway.

Installation and Testing

Before any pipe replacement, we ask our clients whether they want PVC, copper, or PEX pipes. We then repipe in sections, ensuring we include all sections and rooms. After completing the project, we then conduct a final inspection to ensure we installed all the pipes correctly and that they are all working with no leaks. We do this before asking for the final payment to ensure the client’s satisfaction with the results.

At Sewer Studs, we invest in the latest technology equipment and high-quality materials from reputable brands. We also work with insured and licensed professionals. For home repiping needs, you can count on us to provide you with impeccable services. Book an appointment today by filling out our contact form!

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